“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.” 

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Creating your ideal future starts with humility.

creating your future humility personal growth success Dec 06, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I would like to first welcome you to The MBX Institute website and our blog. Our job at the MBX Institute is to serve you.
You see... "I believe that at the heart of every living thing is the drive to grow and to flourish and that each and every one of us has the potential for great things and the capability as well as the capacity to live a healthy, happy and a most rewarding life. My mission, which is my passion, is empowering each individual to grow so you can do exactly that, to live an epic and monumental life ultimately becoming the person you were born and destined to be."
The purpose of this message is to connect with you with this blog as we all move into the next phase our own journey. This blog is a space to share with you our thoughts, tips, training, videos, pics etc, that you will find become a great resource to use when you need them. As I look back on my journey over the years and especially this last 2 years during one of the most challenging times in history for most people, I am grateful to the wonderfull people I have met, my teachers and mentors, my family, my beautiful kids, and my amazing friends.
You see everything that I have ever experienced and done has led me to where I am right now and right now I am more excited about the future and the possibilities that exist than when I first started in this field 25 years ago. 
Let me start by sharing one of my favourite email quotes. It comes from an old email, one saved in my inbox with the thousands of others that just happened to pop up as I was scrolling through, I'm sure thats happened to you too. Not only did I smile at how, when needed, the message appears but It made me think of my purpose, about the relationships we have with others and what the true meaning of success is, at least for me.... You see,
"HUMILITY is the mother of GIANTS! One sees great things from the valley but only small things from the peak"
I realise that to master life you need to master your life and you do this not by thinking any less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. That is what I believe humility to be and in fact is quite liberating. This is what SUCCEEDING is all about and this is ultimately the purpose of The MBX Institute... "Self-Mastery". So make a comitment NOW, to make the rest of your life the best of your life and as you climb that ladder of success remember the beauty of the valley. Let the new year ahead become your signature year, where in years to come you can look back and say this is when it all started, this is when you chose to act and chose to make a positive impact.
One thing is for sure, I am grateful and blessed for the lessons and relationships that i have with others and more importantly myself because they have all contributed to this experience NOW!
Thank you and I look forward to being of service to you in the coming days, months and years.....
Arthur ❤️