“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.” 

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Your future starts with a decision you make today.

breakthrough coaching firewalk kinesiology nlp quantum healing tony robbins Dec 07, 2021


Your future starts with a decision today.

25 years ago I walked into the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney and attended the UPW with Anthony Robbins. 

Yes, I did the firewall back then, I got pumped, I made new friends and I vowed that I would change... and I did not know then that that was the catalyst to change my life forever. 

Thats's right.. I decided to Re-Think, Re-Imagine & Re-Invent myself. 

I decided back then to study NLP with Everett James, a pioneer in the field.  I studied Kinesiology with Dr Bruce & Joan Dewe, Phillip Rafferty, Toni Lilley to name a few.  I learnt about the mind, I learnt about the body and I learnt about energy and our innate life force inside.  My life completely did a 360 degree turn.  I know most of you know what i mean.

There are many people I give thanks to for supporting me on my journey, my family, and friends, they all know who they are.  They all gave me the space to grow and become a better person today. 

I want to make a special mention to my parents, my mum and dad.  They never knew it; but they were my superheroes.  You see 2 years ago my Dad passed and left this earth.  You could say his soul and spirit returned home.  A few months ago, my Mum left us as well.  She was never the same after Dad passed. 

Why am I sharing this, well as we get close to XMAS 2021, I am getting filled with emotion and a whole lot of, well, shit that I thought I had dealt with.  It’s ok though because I know that this is the journey and in order to heal the wound you need to feel the wound.  So, I am doing what others say I do best and that is sharing my message of possibility, strength and living in your light.

Getting back to the journey, since the walk across fire,  I have specialised and invested the better part of 25 years in helping professionals in the wellness and coaching industry and anyone interested in bettering themselves to evolve their results in their life, their business, their health and their relationships.  How? By evolving their mindset, their vitality and ultimately their inner power.  This ultimately has led to them fulfilling their mission of making a positive difference and creating impact with purpose helping others. 

I believe that people evolve & grow because of:

  • The people they meet and spend time with
  • The books they read and what they choose to learn
  • The experiences that they have had

My work, what I do, is an evolution of all these and a culmination of the 10000 plus people I have been privileged to work with collectively and individually that have had a lasting impression on my heart and purpose in life.  I believe we are creating a culture, a community, a business that will help evolve and transcend this industry and transform the planet.

NLP, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Coaching, Quantum Healing ... everything I have learnt and has impacted my life has now been packaged in what most are saying is the most evolved program of its kind on the planet today…. In our Mindbody Coaching Program at the MBX Institute.

So, if you are looking for Change Now, if you have a yearning to make a difference, if you are looking to get unstuck and finally move forward, then I can tell you exactly where to start and why…. With NLP!

You may be wandering Why NLP?  What can they do for you or even How does this all work, and if this is the case then we invite you to book a FREE Coaching call with one of my MBX Coaches and that call may do for you today what one event did for me back then.

You see during this 30-45 minute call, whatever your ambitions are, whether it be a professional qualification or simply to be better informed about your go given birthright – SUCCESS, PROSPERITY, HEALTH & ABUNDANCE we will help you put together a strategy and a game plan to achieve your goals, obligation free.

Why? ... because by transforming your own life you will inevitably transform others.

Remember … Your future starts with a decision today.

Book your FREE* Clarity Call Now by Clicking Here. 

Spaces are limited.  We look forward to serving you.


 Arthur ❤️😊


P.S. Thanks Mum & Dad I keep moving forward because you taught me that “Things Change” and to “keep em going”. 

*limited availability